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36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You AboutClick to check a cool blog!
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36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

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Endomorph for the win


Make a smoothie for breakfast!


Make a smoothie for breakfast!


UPDATED 12.07.13(ONLY THE PICTURE WILL APPEAR ON YOUR BLOG) NOTE: I have been informed that the writting will appear on your blog if you have a theme that shows the comments and captions on pictures. If your theme only displays the picture then it won’t appear. sorry for the trouble. 
BREAKFAST:apple spice oatmeal pancakesapple stuffed french toast baby step buns banana pancakesbreakfast breaddairy and gluten free pancakesdouble whole grain pancakeseggie veggie bakeegg white crepesegg white veggie omeletenglish muffinsfluffy canadian pancakesginger bread oatmealgluten free banana bread pancakesgluten free coconut pancakesgranolaoatmeal breakfast cookieoatmeal pancakespancakes peanut butter granolaturkey breakfast sausagevegan banana strawberry oatmeal squaresvegan and gluten free peach crispvegan banana oatmeal wafflesvegan crepeswhole grain pancakesLUNCH:asian chicken saladbaked zucchini friesbbq tuna frittersbread biscuitsburmese shrimp and cucumber saladcaribbean chicken saladcoconut shrimp lettuce wrapscrispy eggplant with spicy tomato saucefajitasgrilled fish tacosgrilled zucchini pizzahawaian chicken kabobsportobello mushroom friesquinoa tortillaskinny tuna melt soft pretzelssushisushi saladsweet potato chipstaco saladtuna saladvegan avocado stuffed with quinoa saladvegan falafelvegetarian sandwichesvegetarian sloppy joeswhole wheat and honey pizza crustDINNER:baked basil zucchinibaked macaroni and cheesebaked salmonbaked squashbaked turkey burgersbalsamic grilled summer vegetables with basil quinoa saladbbq lime and mango turkeybbq rosemary sweet potatoblack bean veggie burgersbroccoli and sundried tomato pastachicken, avocado saladchicken nuggetscitrus grilled chickendinner rollsfarmers market saladfarro salad with roasted mushrooms and parmesangarlic and lime shrimpgarlic and parmesan turkey meatballsgarlic and rosemary chickengnocchigrilled tuna and cous cous saladmexican twice baked potatoesmoroccan apricot chicken tendersmushroom pizza with caramalised onionsoven fried eggplantpecan crusted dover solepineapple pork kebobspork fried riceroasted rosemary root vegetablesroasted vegetable salad with feta and chickpeassauteed garlic and tomato lentil saladseasoned potato wedgesslow cooker meatloafslow cooker pineapple chicken verde slow cooker pulled pork sandwichesslow cooker rosemary chicken slow cooker two bean chickensouthwestern quinoa pasta saladsticky ricethai spiced bbq shrimptuna stuffed zucchinivegan lasagnaveggie lasagnazucchini sticksDESERT: baked applebanana almond and chocolate ice creambanana berry soft servebanana split cheesecake bitesblueberry-pomegranate ice lollieschocolate hazelnut ice creamchocolate moussechocolate puddingcreamy baked pearsfruity popsiclesgreek yogurt cupcakesgreek yogurt thin mint cupcakesgrilled peaches with gingersnapshealthy banana foster healthy brownie mini protein cheesecakeno bake peanut butter nuggetsnutella fudge popspecan piepeanut butter and chocolate ice creampeppermint meringuespremium poached peachesraw carrot cake raw tropical ice creamroasted maple papayasweet potato pie vanilla ice creamvegan and gluten free, peanut butter, caramel cheesecake vegan and gluten free, peanut butter and chocolate chip banana breadwatermelon tartSNACKS:88 healthy snacks under 100kcalalmond joys apple cupcakes apples peanut butter slicesbanana bitesberry oat cupscaramel chewscaramel popcornchocolate barchocolate chip ballschocolate chip cookiescinnamon fruit kebobscranberry pistachio energy bitescrunchy granola barseggplant chipsfrozen banana bitesfrozen fruit popsfrozen yogurt blackberries frozen yogurt strawberriesfruity fun skewershealthy peanut butter oatmeal cookieskettle cornmeringue cookies no bake healthy protein barsno bake nutella protein cookiesoatmeal, raisin, peanut butter ballspeanut butter cupspizza roll upspumpkin seed power barsroasted chick peas skinny coconut cupcakesstrawberry and mango fruit roll up
DRINKS:apple pie smoothiebanana spice smoothieberry watermelon smoothieblueberry banana smoothieblueberry coconut water frosty chocolate cranberry smoothie chocolate milkshakecitrus frosty coco-berry smoothiecoconut hot chocolatecranberry and banana smoothiefresh orange juice smoothiegrapefruit pink smoothie green lemon and pineapple smoothiegreen tea mango smoothiehealthy vegan breakfast smoothieimmunity builder smoothiemocha coconut frappuccinomocha madness recovery shakepeanut butter, banana green smoothiepurpose smoothies strawberry, blueberry smoothiestrawberry lemonade frostystrawberry shortcake smoothie sweet pomegranate smoothie sweet potato hot cocoatasty fruit smoothietropical smoothievegan almond butter banana shakevegan cashew ripple strawberry shakevegan chamomile banana shakevegan chocolate raspberry smoothievegan chocolate s’mores shakevegan chocolate, strawberry, banana shakevegan double chocolate chip shakevegan peaches and cream smoothie vegan peachy hemp protein smoothievegan red, white and blue smoothievegan secret ingredient matcha shakevegan secret ingredient vanilla shakevegan wild blueberry shake virgin peachy lychee daiquiriwatermelon frostywhipped strawberry lemonadeCONDIMENTS: almond-peanut butterbbq saucechocolate peanut butterfig jam with lavender, thyme and walnutshummusketchuppeanut butter fruit dipspinach dipBASICS: almond flourbreadbread crumbscondensed milk housewarming breadpizza doughGREAT HEALTHY FOOD BLOGS: displayed by calorieseverythingdesserts


UPDATED 12.07.13

NOTE: I have been informed that the writting will appear on your blog if you have a theme that shows the comments and captions on pictures. If your theme only displays the picture then it won’t appear. sorry for the trouble. 

apple spice oatmeal pancakes
apple stuffed french toast 
baby step buns 
banana pancakes
breakfast bread
dairy and gluten free pancakes
double whole grain pancakes
eggie veggie bake
egg white crepes
egg white veggie omelet
english muffins
fluffy canadian pancakes
ginger bread oatmeal
gluten free banana bread pancakes
gluten free coconut pancakes
oatmeal breakfast cookie
oatmeal pancakes
peanut butter granola
turkey breakfast sausage
vegan banana strawberry oatmeal squares
vegan and gluten free peach crisp
vegan banana oatmeal waffles
vegan crepes
whole grain pancakes

asian chicken salad
baked zucchini fries
bbq tuna fritters
bread biscuits
burmese shrimp and cucumber salad
caribbean chicken salad
coconut shrimp lettuce wraps
crispy eggplant with spicy tomato sauce
grilled fish tacos
grilled zucchini pizza
hawaian chicken kabobs
portobello mushroom fries
quinoa tortilla
skinny tuna melt 
soft pretzels
sushi salad
sweet potato chips
taco salad
tuna salad
vegan avocado stuffed with quinoa salad
vegan falafel
vegetarian sandwiches
vegetarian sloppy joes
whole wheat and honey pizza crust

baked basil zucchini
baked macaroni and cheese
baked salmon
baked squash
baked turkey burgers
balsamic grilled summer vegetables with basil quinoa salad
bbq lime and mango turkey
bbq rosemary sweet potato
black bean veggie burgers
broccoli and sundried tomato pasta
chicken, avocado salad
chicken nuggets
citrus grilled chicken
dinner rolls
farmers market salad
farro salad with roasted mushrooms and parmesan
garlic and lime shrimp
garlic and parmesan turkey meatballs
garlic and rosemary chicken
grilled tuna and cous cous salad
mexican twice baked potatoes
moroccan apricot chicken tenders
mushroom pizza with caramalised onions
oven fried eggplant
pecan crusted dover sole
pineapple pork kebobs
pork fried rice
roasted rosemary root vegetables
roasted vegetable salad with feta and chickpeas
sauteed garlic and tomato lentil salad
seasoned potato wedges
slow cooker meatloaf
slow cooker pineapple chicken verde 
slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches
slow cooker rosemary chicken 
slow cooker two bean chicken
southwestern quinoa pasta salad
sticky rice
thai spiced bbq shrimp
tuna stuffed zucchini
vegan lasagna
veggie lasagna
zucchini sticks

baked apple
banana almond and chocolate ice cream
banana berry soft serve
banana split cheesecake bites
blueberry-pomegranate ice lollies
chocolate hazelnut ice cream
chocolate mousse
chocolate pudding
creamy baked pears
fruity popsicles
greek yogurt cupcakes
greek yogurt thin mint cupcakes
grilled peaches with gingersnaps
healthy banana foster 
healthy brownie 
mini protein cheesecake
no bake peanut butter nuggets
nutella fudge pops
pecan pie
peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
peppermint meringues
premium poached peaches
raw carrot cake 
raw tropical ice cream
roasted maple papaya
sweet potato pie 
vanilla ice cream
vegan and gluten free, peanut butter, caramel cheesecake 
vegan and gluten free, peanut butter and chocolate chip banana bread
watermelon tart

88 healthy snacks under 100kcal
almond joys 
apple cupcakes 
apples peanut butter slices
banana bites
berry oat cups
caramel chews
caramel popcorn
chocolate bar
chocolate chip balls
chocolate chip cookies
cinnamon fruit kebobs
cranberry pistachio energy bites
crunchy granola bars
eggplant chips
frozen banana bites
frozen fruit pops
frozen yogurt blackberries 
frozen yogurt strawberries
fruity fun skewers
healthy peanut butter oatmeal cookies
kettle corn
meringue cookies 
no bake healthy protein bars
no bake nutella protein cookies
oatmeal, raisin, peanut butter balls
peanut butter cups
pizza roll ups
pumpkin seed power bars
roasted chick peas 
skinny coconut cupcakes
strawberry and mango fruit roll up

apple pie smoothie
banana spice smoothie
berry watermelon smoothie
blueberry banana smoothie
blueberry coconut water frosty 
chocolate cranberry smoothie 
chocolate milkshake
citrus frosty 
coco-berry smoothie
coconut hot chocolate
cranberry and banana smoothie
fresh orange juice smoothie
grapefruit pink smoothie 
green lemon and pineapple smoothie
green tea mango smoothie
healthy vegan breakfast smoothie
immunity builder smoothie
mocha coconut frappuccino
mocha madness recovery shake
peanut butter, banana green smoothie
purpose smoothies 
strawberry, blueberry smoothie
strawberry lemonade frosty
strawberry shortcake smoothie 
sweet pomegranate smoothie 
sweet potato hot cocoa
tasty fruit smoothie
tropical smoothie
vegan almond butter banana shake
vegan cashew ripple strawberry shake
vegan chamomile banana shake

vegan chocolate raspberry smoothie
vegan chocolate s’mores shake
vegan chocolate, strawberry, banana shake
vegan double chocolate chip shake
vegan peaches and cream smoothie 
vegan peachy hemp protein smoothie
vegan red, white and blue smoothie
vegan secret ingredient matcha shake
vegan secret ingredient vanilla shake
vegan wild blueberry shake 
virgin peachy lychee daiquiri
watermelon frosty
whipped strawberry lemonade

almond-peanut butter
bbq sauce
chocolate peanut butter
fig jam with lavender, thyme and walnuts
peanut butter fruit dip
spinach dip

almond flour
bread crumbs
condensed milk 
housewarming bread
pizza dough

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What Do People Think They Need To Do To Look Better?


If you want to burn fat and get lean, don’t think you have to depend solely on cardio and weight training. image

If you want to burn fat and get lean, don’t think you have to depend solely on cardio and weight training. 

We all know people who starve themselves and do little to no exercise, some are stick thin and don’t look healthy at all. 

Others lose weight but still carry a lot of fat around their waist. 

Neither of these people achieve the result they want and they wind up feeling frustrated and give up. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. All you have to do is substitute what your eating for healthier food that will speed up the fat burning process.

But most people have no clue what food is healthy? Eating a deli sandwich on your lunch break isn’t healthier either nor are those breakfast bars, they’re full of sugar in case you don’t realize.

Nowaday’s it can be difficult to know what the hell is healthier with so much junk food advertisements shoved in our faces and down your throats - (TV ads that entice us to eat, Flyers in the mail box from our local pizza and Chinese restaurant). 

We are literally swamped by food adverts that are high in fat and sugar.

This sort of shit is what influences people to give in. These are the same people that windge about putting on weight.


You can’t blame Ronald McDonald or The Burger king for that jelly belly your carrying around, but you can give him them the middle finger and say no whenever your tempted into eating it.

I’m no nutritional expert, just a regular guy who knows what food to eat that will help me stay lean all year round. 

And don’t get me wrong I still have cheat days but I sure as hell look forward to burning off that 12 inch pizza at the gym.

Don’t listen to what works for your friends or family esp if they are out of shape themselves. 

Listen to the experts or anyone you know who is carrying very little body fat and looks super lean, fit and muscular.

Even taking advice from your personal trainer or gym instructor is not a good idea if they ain’t in shape themselves, right?



If you eat some of these foods you will lose weight. But don’t stop there, Do some cardio, do some weight training and keep at it no matter what. 

Make it a daily habit. Keep this up and you will be well on your way to getting that lean, sexy and healthy body you always wanted.

If you have any questions and need some guidance I am here for you. 

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Yoga for the core !

  • Boat pose : Begin by laying down on your back, lift your shoulders off the flood, then hug your knees and lift your legs as well. Slowly come up, keeping everything engaged and a flat back, strong abs. Variation : hold your toes coming from a comfortable seat ( first picture), slowly lift your legs, keeping your flat back and your core engaged. You will fall haha. I did. You can also hold the sides of your feet ( third picture). Don’t forget to breathe and smile.
  • Leg lift - Begin by laying down, your arms extended at your side. Lift your shoulders off the floor, extend your arms towards the opposite wall and lift your legs (extended). Exhale. Variation : begin in the same position, lift your shoulders and one leg at the same time, exhale, come down, inhale, repeat, change the leg. Tiny little package - lay down on the floor, hug your knees to your chest and lift your shoulders, trying to touch your knees with your forehead. Exhale up, inhale down. Engage your core.
  • Plank pose - Downward facing dog, exhale. Inhale, transfer your weight forward to plank pose, then come back to down dog, lift one leg and bring your knee to your chest and try to kiss it. Come back to down dog, lift one leg and touch your arm pit. Repeat on each side
  • Camel pose variation : Start on your knees, with a flat back with your toes curled ( fourth line, first picture). Slowly lower backward, using your core to support you. Don’t bend your back, especially your lower back. Come back to first position and repeat.  Locust pose - Lay on the floor, facing your mat and with your arms extended ( don’t sleep). Open your heart and push your belly on the floor to lift your chest and your legs. Side plank - From plank pose, transfer your weight on one arm, and lift the other pointing toward the ceiling. Try to lift your but toward the ceiling for extra obliques work.
  • These are more advanced poses, don’t attempt them if you are a beginner —— Firefly - Not yet mastered as you can see. From wide legs forward fold, try to walk your hands behind your legs. Shit I can’t explain : Watch this ! Headstand core work- begin in a handstand ( tuto here), and in an exhale, lower down your legs, and up ( exhale), and down… Crow pose - Tutorial here

Hope this helps give you a strong core to kick some ass!!